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Cool Website Find: Nautical Knot Tying Made Easy

I learned to tie a Bowline the old fashioned way, you know, the “bunny comes out of the hole and runs around the tree back into the hole…” bit. Well, bunny no more, with Grog and his awesome Animated Knots by Grog website & apps. A great comprehensive resource for knots and rope care in general, this site takes step-by-step knot tying instruction to a new level. Using real-time animation of actual photos (not drawings) it’s as realistic as having your own personal knot-tying instructor.

Grog’s website categorizes the knots by usage, including boating knots and fishing knots, as well as climbing, scouting, search & rescue, household and decorative. Each category has an index page (see screenshot above) that includes a very cool mouse-over feature:  by running your mouse over an individual knot, it displays a little description of the knot’s uses. This is great for identifying which knot you may need for a particular situation.

bowlineSelect a knot and you’re brought to a page devoted entirely to that knot (see screenshot left), and just sit back as the demonstration begins. You’re able to watch the animation in real time, adjust the speed, or even view frame by frame. As if that’s not enough, you’re also able to switch the animation to a mirrored, inverted, or rotated view. As if that’s not enough, alongside the animation is a text description of each step, which simultaneously highlights as each step is performed. Ok, so where the heck was this when I was not learning Calculus II?! Anyhow, below the knot tying demonstration is more in-depth info on the knot’s uses, load information, alternate structures and other related goodies.

All animated knot tying instructions are available on the website, but if you’d like to give this as a gift or install on your computer (perfect for offline classroom or field training), the software is available via a direct download or CD-Rom for only $14.95. grog2

Also, if you have a website and you’d like to link to the Animated Knots site, just email Grog and he’ll add your header image to a landing page for seamless integration with your own site.

This is SUCH a great resource and a lot of fun!

Check it out here:  Animated Knots by Grog

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